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These are some special delights from Sage Kitchen’s,which our chef’ recommends,for our elite  guests.Each guest has their own preferences,we make sure, and we serve them the healthy and  the nutritious food. Come ….experience the taste, from the flavors of your own kitchen.

Caribbean Chicken


3 – 4 pcs of chicken breast
1/2 - 2/3 cup oil 

1 small onion
Mustard Powder
2 ripe tomatoes 
1/8 soy sauce 
1 table spoon garlic powder /garlic paste
Salt according to the taste


1. Remove skin and any excess fat from chicken and wash parts in lemon juice(optional).Drain lemon juice and add seasoning salt, garlic powder/paste, soy sauce and paprika. 
2. Cut up onion and tomatoes and add. Marinate the chicken, at least for 6 - 8 hours . 
3. Heat oil in a pot. Scrape seasoning from chicken and place seasoning in the pot with oil.Let it become brown. Cook the chicken till it turns brown. Drain the oil. 
4. Add the chicken with the seasoning mixture. Add thyme or mustard powder. 
5. Add 1 cup of water to the oil which was drained off along with the mixture to form the gravy. 
6. Let simmer for 20 minutes under medium flame. Add ketchup if necessary to thicken gravy.This can be served with white rice or breads.

Our Vegetarian guests need not to worry our chef is there to take care of their specific needs. From authentic to contemporary cuisine, we have a wide range to serve. We use traditional spices to create the aroma of flavors, with a mouth watering experience.

ChilyVilly Bean Potatoe 


250 gms - Potatoes 
75 gms - Red kidney beans 
2 tbsp - Tomato sauce 
1 Onion depending on the quantity.
1 table spoon Sil Chilli Villi red chilli sauce. 
2 table spoon - Sil soya sauce.

1 table spoon - Sil vinegar 
1 tbsp - Butter / Margarine 
50 gms - Cream cheese to garnish

Salt to taste 


1. Soak kidney beans for 4 - 5 hrs.Boil potatoes and kidney beans in 250 ml water. 
2. In butter / margarine/ghee, cook onions.When cooked, add boiled potatoes and beans with only half cup of bean water. 

3. Add all the sauces and salt according to the taste. Garnish with grated cheese or with white sauce.